Saturday, March 13, 2010

Glimpses of Home

This morning we got up and my first thought was lets stay in our PJ's all day and relax! It is Saturday and we are ready to relax and have a fun family day! There nothing on the schedule, no appointments, no sporting events, no work....the only thing left to do is to have fun....

I read Chatting at the Sky today that  she is having a Glimpses of Home party and we are to post what we celebrate most about our home! We are to share some pictures and tell you why it says home to us....

Our family makes our home. When Tony was laid off in Nov, we realized this the most! It doesn't matter where we live, what material stuff we is what matters...that defines our home.

This is me taking a picture of Tony in the Kitchen! The kitchen is the heart of our home. I love the smells that come from the kitchen when we are cooking (mostly Tony cooking)! It is were we gather with our family and friends, where the kids practice their cooking skills, the place the kids do home work, and where I am writting to you from this morning! The sun shines in every morning....greeting us like a big smile!

Thanks for joining us around our table! What makes your home special to you? That safe haven.....

Happy Saturday!


Sandy said...

Beautiful, Wendy!

Allie and Pattie said...

Wendy, this was just PERFECT!
xoxo Pattie

dee dee said...

What a very beautiful post! It sounds like our homes are very much alike, the people make it and we gravitate in the kitchen! Your home is very pretty! Has Tony found another job yet?
Dee Dee

Jolyn said...

Good Afternoon Wendy,
We are having a jammie day also, well my Autumn and I are...I love to have my family all home and together doing things. I hope those times come back like when I was little every Sunday we were at Grandma's house for dinner and all the cousins and Aunts and Uncles are over...those were the days...Thank you for posting this it was good to read.. Have a wonderful weekend.

Mum in Bloom said...

Wish I lived across the street & could join you - I'd even bring some fresh from the oven scones :o) Enjoy your day and I loved the pics. We're about to head to a Girl Scout LEGO Robotics event hosted by the local High School Robotics Team (cool!), and I have one of my pork roasts with apples in the slow cooker for when we get back. Gotta love Saturdays!

Atelier de Charo said...

Beautiful post Wendy.

Happy Pink Saturday.


megs said...

what a great post. i love your picture frame. i just read the tutorial on it. that is so great. i will have to try it out. thanks for sharing.

Love the Decor! said...

Love this!!
It is so true that it is all about people not stuff.
As we have been clearing out dad's house it has struck me how much "stuff" we collect and think is important.. We work our whole lives to provide a comfortable life for our families and yet all the "stuff doesn't last
It is the memories we hold onto that will get us through

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