Thursday, March 4, 2010

Conversation starters....

We have been having so much fun with these
french fries every night at dinner and I thought
you might enjoy some of the questions, too.

Our church put these "french fries" together for the kids
for lent.
At dinner each night we pull a fry and read the question...

It has sparked some great and funny discussions at our table!!

The kids loved this text message question!
Could you just imagine Daniel in the lion's den with a cell phone!

These got a little blurry (sorry)...

What is something you have accomplished that nobody else has?

If you could revise the 10 commandments, how would they change?

A little food for thought today....
What would you say?


dee dee said...

Hey Wendy,
What a fun idea for the dinner table! Boy, those questions would make us have to think outside the box. I wonder if someone from your church came up with these questions or if they found them on an Internet site? Excellent idea.
You asked about Wayne being a chef, no not in the professional term of the word. However he is always willing to try anything and is a very good cook! We actually enjoy cooking together!
Have a great day... Dee Dee

Kim said...

What an adorable idea Wendy. I'm going to mention it to the Children's Ministry Leader at my church.

Allie and Pattie said...

Wendy, I'm sending this right on to our Faith developement head! What a great idea!
xoxo Pattie

Debbie said...

That is a great idea Wendy, what a neat church you attend! Hey I just wanted to let you know I ma having my first Friday Fun Foto...the link is up and it is an easy one...hope to see you

Emily {Frilly Details} said...

What a neat idea!! I think some of the best discussions a family can have are at the kitchen table.

Wendy said...

I will find out on Sunday where they got the idea! We are having so much fun with it! I love when you can make the bible fun with the kids!!
We go to a Presbyterian church (raised catholic and lutheran) It is a long story how we ended up there, but all good :)

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