Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thinking of Spring

that is what I am doing today!
See, at the age of 39 I am back in college.
Big breath in....slow relaxing breath out!

I'll blog about that another day,
because today I am avoiding it!
Well, at least for the the moment.

Tony picked up these cute little jars
a few weeks ago.

I found this wire basket about a month ago.
They were calling my name today.
Really they were!

Today is a beautiful sunny day.
Still lots of snow on the ground,
but the sun was making me think of spring!!
My inspiration for today!!

I made this last month.
I took it to The Little Booth.
Miss this little guy,
thinking I should make one for here at home!!

Are you ready for spring?

Hope you join me today at
Poppies at Play
for another great
Creative Cats Party!!


dee dee said...

What fun projects you created! I just love little birds.... they make me want to wish for spring!
Dee Dee

One Cheap B*tch said...

I love your birdies! And good luck with school! =)

Abbey @ Practically Perfect said...

It is a BEAUTIFUL day here in Georgia, so we're all thinking spring, too! Love that little birdie guy!

stephanie said...

Wendy, I look for those little jars wherever I go. Where did Tony find them? He beat me again! Maybe I need to go thrifting with him! Did you put them in the booth? I may need to go buy them!

Wendy said...

I saw a bunch at blue mtn today, I didn't buy them :) If you want I'll pick them up for you next time i am there! I bought 3 pieces of furniture, too.

Jo said...

Love your spring creations ~ I'm SO ready for a season change. We went to the flower show in Providence this weekend and now I'm itching to get out in my garden.


pk @ Room Remix said...

I'm ready for spring too and I really like your pretty spring creations! Hope you have a good week...

Natasha said...

Back in College? Wow....tell me more!!!
How exciting!

Best wishes,

Wendy said...

It is exciting and stressful :) I am a RN with my assoc. degree. A nurse for 17 yrs (can't believe it has been that long...I still feel 21..LOL) I always wanted to go back for my BSN. All 3 kids are in school all day, so it seemed like a good time to go back. It has been a learning experience in many ways!!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I love nests and eggs, Wendy, and I love these arrangements you did! Where did you get your eggs? I had found some at Tuesday Morning {kind of big} and when I was at Michael's they only had the really small ones. Yours are more in-between and look the perfect size.

Andy Porter said...

They look gorgeous Wendy! They make me feel all warm inside!! Yay for Spring crafts!

Lissa @ MyThriftyTreasures said...

I am BEYOND ready for Spring. Those jars are so gorgeous! You made them look so great.

Addie said...

I love the little "home" tag on the cloche. You have great taste!

Tausha said...

I love your little spring ideas! I never thought to put a nest in my jars! You are so smart. Hope you don't mind if I borrow your idea. So glad that I found you! Please, stop by sometime and say Hello. Now, I need to go and check out the rest of your blog!
ps-i have spring fever-it was 56 here it utah today! Too bad it's supposed to snow tomorrow!

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