Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A little order....please

A trip to my favorite thrift-store on 50% off day
led me to this little beauty.
I know it isn't that beautiful right now,
but with a little white paint...
I am hoping this shelf will help to restore order to
Miss Sarah's book collection.

At 50 % off it cost me $4.25!!
Did I tell you that it had a matching partner?
Couldn't seperate them, so they both traveled home with me that day :)

2 coats of white paint and I was smiling :)
(I used white trim paint left over from the steps)

I was looking at a decorating book and they showed a smaller version
of this shelf and used it for plates.
Called it a plate rack.
Ummmm....was I wrong to think it was for books?
Any thoughts?

So....I thought...
why not try plates in it and see how it looks.

It didn't work very well. Only could fit one plate per shelf.
I do love these plates.
Tony bought them for our 2nd valentine's day together.
From the early 1900's. The dealer told us more,
but I forget the rest...I know the important stuff!
The bottom says J&C Bavaria..
Does anyone know what that means?

Back to my original plan.
Organization for Miss Sarah!!
I love that the kids love books,
but I don't love them all over the floor and bed and table...

Just like Miss Sarah :)

On thursday I am linking with
for projects made for under $5.00!!
and with Pam
On Friday I'll be
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Nice and Easy Antiques said...

We love how they turned out. Perfect for the little books but we must admit that the plates look cute too, you could also hang a couple of white vintage tea towels to go with those sweet Bavaria. You sure scored at that price. Great job!!!

dee dee said...

These turned out so cute! The books look perfect on them (plates too!) What a great solution for a "book worm"! Great price too, next time I'll join you for your 50% off shopping trip!... Dee Dee

Kansas Amy said...

That is wondeful! So pretty! Thanks for letting me visit be sure to come by and say hello sometime!

Wendy said...

Dee Dee, That would be a blast to go thrift shopping together or to an auction! Going to an auction is on my to do list for the spring :)

Frugal Home Design said...

Love it. Great job.

kmarx99 said...

The shelves look great, Wendy! And I love that you got them on 1/2 off day... what a great find!

Mum in Bloom said...

Oh my gosh that turned out great! Thanks for the inspiration :)

Pamela said...

What a steal Wendy! They are just perfect! You should come over and link up to Thrifty Treasure Thursday too!:) said...

Great find, and you did a great makeover on it!

Sandi said...

You are a fantastic treasure how it came out!!

Andy Porter said...

What a perfect place for little books! I love it! I thought it looked good with the plates too:) I think you could use that in a million different places, it's just so awfully cute white! Thanks again for the link! It's always a pleasure to have you on Creative Cats!

Midcenturymadam said...

Inspirational! Now I have to go find one for my magazines that are always stacked on the coffee table. Thanks for the great post.

Midcenturymadam said...

P.S. Three of my favorite songs played while I was reading your posts. Think I'll just minimize your blog and continue listening. Thanks Wendy.

Wendy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wendy said...

Oh my...made a spelling error and deleted my own comment! LOL! I am glad you like the play list!!


Lauren Ashby said...

I am amazed at5 how great this turned out! I need to find a cool thrift store by me... stat!

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