Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Blog Friends...who can cook!

Sunday Dinner's...
it is a big deal in our family!
When I started dating Tony and
invited to his family's Sunday Dinner,
it was better then being invited to the best restaurant in town.

Let me set the stage for you...
Italian / Irish family with 5 boys and their wives or girl friends
and 15 grandchildren.
Mary cooked every Sunday for everyone...
How I miss her and her rigatoni with meatballs.
Tony has definitely inherited his mothers talent for cooking and
takes his Sunday dinners very seriously.
It is a tradition we hope to pass on to our kids.

(This is Mary with two of my nieces...a few years ago)

We (Tony & I) are enjoying reading the following
two blogs and trying their recipes!

I am lucky to know Maria  at
Mange, Fille personally!
She is a freelance copyeditor and writes the best stories
with each recipe.
Her Italian heritage is the heart of each story and meal.
Oh.. wait until you see her recipes!

 How about a delicious recipe for marinara sauce.
Maria shares a great story about dissecting a recipe
I had to smile with this story,
because it is exactly how my recipe box looks from Mary.

Now, you didn't think I was going to share the secret...did you?
I will tell you this....
Italians take their sauce or gravy (as Mary called it)  very seriously...
you'll have to hop over and read the secret!!

A favorite in our house!
Besides having great Italian recipes for us,
Maria offers the option to have a
printable version of the recipe on her site!
I love that....I just click and print!!

Next I would like you to meet
Sarah at Mum in Bloom...

I am just going to jump right in and share a picture of her

 We love our comfort food and this recipe is one of my favoites!
What is it about comfort food on a cold rainy or snowy day?
This recipe is so easy to make and we actually had all the ingredients on hand. was delicious...Thank you!!

Sarah also has recipes that my kids will love..
we can't wait to try this recipe!!

She has recipes for French Toast Puffs, lemon ginger scones, toffee bars,
and the list goes on and on and on....
is your mouth watering yet??

This next recipe is for my BFF Deb...
You are going to love it...

One last note about Sarah and this is awesome...
she has slow cooker recipes!
Don't you just love your slow cooker?
I would be lost without mine.

I hope you have a chance to hop over and meet Maria and Sarah,
and enjoy their great stories and their awesome recipes!!

What are you cooking for Sunday Dinner today?
We are gong to enjoy Tony's rigatoni's and meatballs..
wish you could join us!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

A day at the shop

Today my mom and I went to the antique store.
Once a month I need to work for two hours at the store.
(It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it)
My mom usually comes with me and
we always find some fun treasure to bring home!

It is so much fun "working" at the store!
The people I have meet are so sweet and so talented!
My grandma Audrey and my grandpa are usually there, too!

I just love looking at each booth and hunting for a new treasure!
I had my eye on a picture for awhile and
today it came home with me!

You remember how I painted the wallpaper in the bathroom?
Well, I just didn't love the picture any more.
Here is the before:

Here is the after:

I like it so much better.

The picture reminds me of somewhere that I would love to visit.
Where do you think it is?
Maybe Italy?

Don't you just love when you find a treasure?

See you tomorrow! I am featuring 2 awesome new blogs!
These 2 girls know how to cook...I think you are going to love meeting them :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Fun with Panini's

Panini's are one of my favorite's for both entertaining, or gettin' the family fed fast.

Quick, Easy and Versatile!

They're great when you have one of those days where you have to go through the fridge
and use some stuff up!

**Any combination of Bread, Spread, Meat & Cheese goes,
so don't be scared to have a little fun with it!**

Here's what I used up the other day

Ham, Provolone & Dijon
on toasted Sourdough
Tomato Basil Pita's with Prosciutto & Fresh Mozzarella
(a.k.a. Caprese)

Heat a Panini Press on high until very hot
( a George Foreman type will work, or a regular ole griddle works)

Spread a little Dijon on the Sourdough

I used 1 piece of Provy, tore in half for each sandwich. Place one on each side

A little shaved Ham

Grill is HOT, put them on for 3-4 minutes.

I usually spray a little Pam to keep 'em from sticking

These Panini presses are nice, no worry about having to flip anything

Put the lid down, give them a little press to get the bread seared good.

Usually once that cheese starts oozing out the sides, they are good to go!

Caprese Pita

Same Deal, Get the Grill hot while your prepping the food

This fed the three kids and Wendy.
I only used one tomato, one 2 oz. ball of Mozzarella, a handfull of Baby Spinach
 a Tablespoon of Basil Pesto, a few slivers of Prosciutto,
and four Pita's.

Thats about as cheap as it gets, and you can pre-grill any Panini ahead of time, and reheat them later.

Slice Tomato, and Mozz about a 1/4 inch thick.
Pick any stems off the spinach,
(with Baby Spinach, you usually don't need to worry about any stems.)

Spread a l;ittle Basil Pesto on both sides of the Pita

Top one Pita with the Cheese, about four half slices of Mozz. will do.

A few pieces of shaved Prosciutto and Spinach on top of the cheese.

Top with 4 slices of tomato, a sprinkle of Parm

Place the other Pita on top, spray with Pam, and grill it 3-4 mintues.
Here's a Good example of what I meant when the choose starts to ooze out the sides!

I cut the Ham Panini's in half, and quatered the Pita's.

If its not for the family, and you're entertaining,
put a little Foo-Foo on the platter,
and set them out for people to graze on as an Appetizer.

Just a little toothpick and Veggies from the fridge to dress them up some.

Remember, any combination of bread, spread, meat & cheese works.
 If you don't do meat, veggies & seafood work just as well.

Linking to Foodie Friday!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Shopping Therapy

I appologize, with being back in school
I haven't been very crafty .
Although I still can squeeze in a shopping trip!
I find treasure hunting in a thrift shop to be wonderful therapy!

Last week the kids and I went to the local thrift store!
We did awesome and had so much fun!
The kids find it an adventure...
we never know what treasures we might find!

Treasure # 1

We were walking through the furniture and
we turned the corner and spied this clock!
I did a double take on the price tag...$19.00.
I even had Maddy double check the price for me!
I told the kids you stay here and
I almost ran to the cash register to get a sold tag to
put on it while we continued to shop!

The clock looks perfect in our basement!
My worry was that it wouldn't work,
but keeps time beautifully!!

Treasure #2

My grandmother Audrey has a beautiful collection
of Iron Stone pottery.
Since taking the pictures of her home,
I added the pottery to my wish list.
I found this little beauty!
No chips, perfect!

Treasure # 3
$8.00 (3 pieces)
Another love is for Milk Glass.
I just love the grape design and is easily found.

I was hoping to find plates, cups, and saucers.
No luck on that trip...
that is okay...
just means more shopping!

Treasure #4
After we found the clock,
we turned the corner and found this mirror.
I think it might have been from an Armoire.
I am going to use it in our bedroom and
just prop it against the wall.

Treasure #5
This little beauty is actually going to go
I am going to paint is a creamy white!
It will be hard to part with!
(I'll be sure to share pictures when I am finished painting)

I put the milk glass and the iron stone pitcher
in the china cabinet.

Can't wait to see what great treasures we
find this weekend!!

Join me at
for a
Thrifty Thursday

and at
The Coloradolady for
Vintage Thingies Thursday

Trash Picking Thursday

Happy Treasure Hunting!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Blog Friends

I just love Sundays!
one reason is because we are pretty lazy on Sunday!!
A day with family and a day of rest,
before the wonderful, crazy work/school week starts!

I also love Sunday,
because I am  excited to share the following
2 blogs with you!!!

I was so excited to meet Pamela
last week.
She had a snow party and of course since we got tons
of snow here in Pa. I had to join in on the fun!!

Then this week I discovered she has a party
every Thursday!
It is not just any party, it is a Thrify Treasure Thursday party!
Hello....count me thrifty treasures :)

Look at what treasure she found this Thursday...

Isn't he so cute!
Are you seeing the tile back splash and granite counter tops??
Lovin it!!

I have been having so much fun going back through Pamela's

Look how she repainted her white fireplace...
Looks like a picture right out of a magazine!

Then I went a little further back and found this in a post... are going have to go visit Pamela and see
what she did with it!! It is just beautiful!!

Next, I would like you to meet Katie
I just love the name bella....

You are going to enjoy Katie's blog
Why, you ask...

She loves spray paint!!

She is crafty!
Look what she can do with a simple napkin!

Isn't that the cutest idea!
She gives a tutorial on how to make them!!

Just like me...she has a hard time picking a color to paint her walls!
Katie is much smarter than me.
I should have tried the colors like she did.
Instead of buying a whole gallon and hating it!
This way is so much smarter!!
Now you really didn't think I would show you what color she
picked did you?
I can tell you it is very pretty!!
You'll need to head over to Katie's at Bella Creative to see the final paint choice
and wait until you see the beautiful picture of her back yard covered in snow!

Hope you enjoy these new blog friends as much as I have!!
Join me again next Sunday to meet some new friends :)

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