Friday, January 1, 2010

Seeing Green

Yesterday I decided that I needed to paint!
Since May I have painted 4 different room
Relaxed Khaki, from Sherwin & Williams.

I love this color.
I wish I had a before picture of our powder room.
It was a brick red and wallpapered on the top 1/4
and the ceiling.
When we put our home for sale,
I painted the red with "relaxed khaki".

I needed to tackle the wallpaper,
but I wasn't up for the battle!!

So why not paint it?

I decided to paint it one shade darker.
Sherwin and Williams, Universal Khaki,
but I had it mixed at Lowes.

Here is another before picture.
I am going to post the after on Monday
with Metamorphosis Monday!

Okay...I was feeling pretty energentic and decided to
tackle the family room and kitchen.
Relaxed Khaki, had it mixed at Lowes.

Started painting the kitchen
and it looked like mint green
when it dried...ugh

So...back to Lowes and changed to
Universal Khaki.
Here is a look at the mess I started!
The tan is the old color...
the light color is the Relaxed Khaki
and the dark circle is the Universal Khaki!
The bottle of wine is empty!

I took this picture to show you the green,
I know it doesn't look green here...
I promise you it was green!

The room is almost finished
and it is not green
and I am loving it!

Hopefully I will be done for Monday's post!
Thank goodness for helpers!!

Tony sweeping!!
So I can keep painting!

Of course you can never paint without hearing....
"Can I help!"

Susie Harris also loves Relaxed Khaki and
Comfort Gray. Her rooms look just beautiful!
Now I am trying to see where I could add the comfort gray!
See you on Monday!


Deb @ Confessions of an Ugly Mom said...

How could Relaxed Khaki have let you down?!?!? I'm convinced that between you and me and our repainting binges, we've shaved about 20 sqaure feet off our homes via layers of paint. I'm thinking your mint green = my peach. Or maybe my pea soup green. Can't wait to see it in all its gorgeous glory!

Beth said...

Did you paint that kitchen without taping it up first? I'm very impressed if you did. I'm so sloppy with paint, I definitely need to tape first, and it's a step I hate. I can't wait to see the finished product!

kimmcl said...

Oooh! I can't wait to see it all done Wendy! What a beautifully serene color! Thanks for sharing it with us. Take care, Kim

Wendy said...

I don't tape when I paint. It is all in the brush you buy. If you spend the little extra and get a brush that has an angle, it is so easy! I hated taping too!! Next time you paint let me know I'll come and help!

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