Monday, January 4, 2010

Fresh Start

As you know I was seeing green when I started to paint the
kitchen and family room.
Lowes was nice enough to let us return 2 gallons of paint
and we switched to Universal Khaki.
The same color I used in the powder room.

Here we are before....
a dark tan color...

I re-organized my pictures the other night and deleted folders.
Mistake....can't find any of the before photos.
This is the only picture that shows to old color....ugh

Here are the new pictures...
All of the walls are painted with
Universal Khaki; Sherwin & Williams
mixed at Lowes....

Hello...can't you see I am napping here!
It would be nice if you would take me for a walk
instead of typing on your blog all afternoon!.....Lily

The "love" letters above the picture are tiles painted
and a metal hanger attached to the back.

The mirror was previously hanging upstairs and
the plates are from the front livingroom.
Oh no....that means two new places that needs new accessories :)

I made the table runner from a painters cloth.
I love the ruffle on the end.

We love our wine rack from Pottery Barn.

This is one of our favorite cookbooks!!
Do you see all the little yellow sticky notes sticking out?
They are all of our favorite recipes.

P.S. Tony started a new job and back to those Restaurant hours...
he plans on Friday to start posting again for Foodie Friday!! Yeah!!

This is the farmhouse kitchen which is my inspiration for the paint color.
Next is to replicate the trim work!!

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Michelle said...

Looking good! Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed my visit.

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Wendy~ Looks like your off to a great start in the new year.
I've developed a new fondness for the painters "drop Cloth". It's opened a whole new avenue of creativity. I think your runner with the ruffle detail is so pretty on your table.
Sweet wishes,

pk @ Room Remix said...

I really like the new paint color, Wendy! That runner is adorable too - love the ruffle you added.

Danielle @ Transforming Home said...

I love it all! You have a beautiful home - thanks for the pictures. Please post about the cabinet trimwork - I am trying to fancy up my builders-grade kitchen cabinets with some molding - I could use lots of ideas!
Thanks a lot for the encouraging comments on my blog - I am feeling much better about it all today. I have just shrugged it off - no biggie.
Thanks again!

Nicole @ Sweet Pickle Designs said...

Wendy you have such a cute blog! Today I actually have the time to go peek around which I wish I could do more often! I love seeing what others are doing, especially when they are successful in inspiring others, which is what you do. Thanks for you sweet comment, it meant a lot!

kiakai/Kelly @ Much To Do With Nothing said...

Hi Wendy,
Thanks for stopping by to see my new post. The wall color you chose is beautiful. What a good choice to keep everything calm and serene. Everything you did is just wonderful! We have a black lab named Sugar. She looks just like Lily, and also curls up in a chair and hangs her head over the arm. Lily is precious.

dee dee said...

Love the netural colors! Simply beautiful!
Dee Dee

Alecia said...

Marcy Goldman's book is my go to for baking as well- we love the cinammon cafe breakfast squares- something like that at least. love your blog

nannykim at spindlecottage said...

Oh I love the new color!! It is so peaceful--It tempts me--it really does. The color would go well in my "sun room" which is posted this week on my spindlecottge blog. But my "sun room" is not always sunny and I don't know if that color of yours would end up being good or dismal in my room. It looks fantastic in your room. I do have a friend who has a similar color in her home. But I don't know if I could do without my yellow walls....

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