Saturday, December 26, 2009

Family Traditions

(Every ornament on this tree made by the kids)

We added a new family tradition to our home this year.
We actually have been doing it for 5 years, but
this year we made it official and it is staying!

Breakfast Christmas morning!
Pop is part of this tradition!

Now I don't have single picture to post
from breakfast.
I put too much in the oven and the times were all off.
The french toast took longer to bake.
The scrapple wasn't done.
The toast and eggs were done to early.

Biggest reason for no pictures....
Fire in the oven...
Yes....FIRE in the oven!

Now, no need to worry...
Tony is a Chef and didn't blink an eye..
Fire out...
Smoke in....
Windows open....
Cold air in.....

I think Pop still had fun...
We do promise him that if he is ever bored to
 please come over,
this house is never boring!!

Thanks for coming over Pop!
We love you!

This next tradition my mom started a few years ago!
We look forward to it every Christmas Day...

Every year my  mom gives each of us a new christmas ornament
with our name and the year printed on the ornament.
This year we got these adorable snowmen mittens!
I just love them, but I do have a thing for snowmen!

I put all of the ornaments on a trio of trees in  my dining room.

The angel on the smallest tree was made by my
grandmother, Ethel.
It is one of my most treasured Christmas decorations.

One day my 3 little angels will have their own home and
christmas trees.
It will be fun to package their ornaments up for them
to take to their home!

Thanks Mom, for a great tradition!
We love you!

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