Friday, December 11, 2009

Espresso Panna Cotta

My Christmas Cookie exchange party is today!
14 great friends are getting together to share
cookies, have a small baby shower and best of all
share in each others friendship!
(I'll post pictures and recipes tomorrow)

Tony surprised me on Thursday when I got home from work
with this great creation!!
He even took pictures for me so I could post the recipe
to Foodie Friday!
(what a great guy)

White Chocolate
Dark Chocolate
1 cup of Milk
3 tsp of powder gelatin
3 cups Heavy Cream
6 tsp of instant espresso (or coffee)
1/2 cup sugar
pinch of salt

Combine cold milk with gelatin; let stand for 5 minutes
After standing for 5 minutes heat over medium heat, while stirring,
**do not let it boil**

While still over medium heat; add heavy cream, espresso powder, sugar, and salt.
Turn heat to low and stir for 3 minutes
** Do not let boil**

Remove from heat and let cool.

While panna cotta is cooling.....
use a vegetable peeler to make
white and dark chocolate shavings
(this will be used as the topping &
Keep refrigerated until needed)

(sorry the picute is blurry...he took 3 shots of this trying to get it clear)

Choose your serving container.

Once cooled pour into individual serving container....
(Tony choose espresso cups for a large group)

Martini glasses can be used for a special date night!!

After poured into containers...chill for 2-6 hours

Before serving top with chocolate shavings.
Keep chilled until ready to serve.

Tony has some side notes to add:
* To subsitute for instant espresso use
1 1/2 Tbsp instant sanka and 1 1/2Tbsp  flavored coffee
* If you don't want to use coffee;a  pureed raspberry syrup could be used
*Panna Cotta is Italian for cooked cream
*If Tony was to rate this recipe it is Very Easy to make....
but will Wow your guest!!

Stop by Foodie Friday and check out all the great recipes!

Merry Christmas!!


Deb @ Confessions of an Ugly Mom said...

Hooray -- Cookie Day! I'm getting there first so I can have my Tony Special early and often. And yes, he is a great guy. A keeper. (Get dressed, that's me knocking...)

Mary said...

Wendy, he is definitely a keeper :-). What a lovely treat. I hope you both have a wonderful Foodie Friday.

Michael Lee West said...

This looks delicious. I hope you have a fun filled cookie day!

Cass @ That Old House said...

This looks not just delicious, but elegant and impressive, too. LOVE it in the martini glass!

Wow -- tell Tony he is a man among men!


Deb @ Confessions of an Ugly Mom said...

Update: it was unbelievable! I had three, and only stopped at three due to social etiquette. Highly recommended.

And yes, I was first.

Room to Inspire said...

I am SO making this one! It looks easy and wonderful all at the same time. Thanks for sharing.


Enter Lovely said...

These recipes look amazing! I love the martini cups and chocolate shavings. I will have to file that one away for a later date. Thanks for the tips!

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