Monday, November 16, 2009

Little Me??

My Sarah
7 years old
Cute as a button
Smile that will melt your heart
Full of energy

Sarah:  Mom I don't know why I can't have a's not fair....Madeline has a blog!!!!!!!!

Mom: When you are 13 years old, we will consider you having a blog. Madeline and I blog together and there are rules

Sarah: Well....why can't I blog with you

Mom: Okay, Sarah...what would you like to blog?

Sarah: Let's play Barbie's!!

Mom: Okay...lets go!

Sarah is designing a room for pictures (for the blog....LOL)
I am not allowed to look until the big reveal!
I do what I do best...start to organize the barbies and clothes

Mom: Sarah why is this barbie's hair colored pink (with marker)

Sarah: That is Pink (the singer). You can be her if you want!

Mom: Who painted this?

Sarah: Oh...I don't know.  (of course not)

Mom: Sarah what happened to these clothes?

Sarah: Do you like them? Madeline and I designed them.  Don't they look better?

Mom: Lovely (don't want to discourage creativity)

Sarah's finished room! Pinks bedroom!

Sarah wanted me to zoom you can have a closer look.
The laptop is on the bed, with popcorn!
Girl after my own and danish on the desk...with candles and flowers!

This room is not in the barbie house...per Sarah "Every house needs a sunroom"
(yes...I would love one of those too)

Mom: Sarah what does Lily have?

Sarah: Looks like barbie clothe...don't worry mom...we can redesign it!

Mom:  Of course...what was I thinking?

Lily: Who me? What????

Post by "Little me"  Sarah

Hope you enjoyed!! Stay tuned...she wants to do a baking blog next!!!


southerninspiration said...

So, so cute......Barbies are a long ago memory!
And guess what??? YOu won my giveaway! Email me with your info so I can get you your things!


kimmcl said...

What an absolutely precious post. I enjoyed every word of it. Priceless!!!

Deb said...

I love me some Sarah! I'll have Chase read it tonight ...

Wendy said...

Sarah + Chase = 2 peas in a pod!!

dee dee said...

I had such a wonderful joy and chuckle reading Sarah's blog! Way to go Mom! And tell her yes, I would like a sun room too!
Dee Dee

linda said...

I loved Sarah's post and she did a great job too! I'll be looking out for her baking post next!

My daughter is in college...I miss those barbie days!

Sarah @ Mum In Bloom said...

Oh this was so so sweet! My daughter, who turned 9 Friday (& got 8 Barbies as presents), always gives me ideas to put in my blog and has started watching cooking shows with me. She also draws up "menu's" for my blog.

Recently she started cutting her Barbie cloths to "redesign" them. So, I reminded her that this year she learned her chain stitch so why not try that to piece them together. I've since bought yards of fabric and she's a busy beavery making cloths. I hope to post when she's done.

Loved your photos and every girl should have a Barbie sized doll house like that. We have one too.

Thank you for sharing this sweet memory with us.

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