Saturday, November 14, 2009

It is the domino affect.....

It all started with $4.98......

Okay...I decided since we are not moving to the farmhouse, I am going to try to recreate the items that I loved the most!!!  This is so exciting!  All the door knobs in the farmhouse were the antique black knobs!  So, I thought...why not spray paint our door knobs. I first did a trial run on one knob to see if it would work and it out....she is armed and dangerous...spray paint can in hand.
This truely can be dangerous and here is how the story began:

Prior to being painted.

In the process...

Finished...I love it!!!

Okay..simple... yes, but the story is only beginning!! After starting to paint the knobs...I realized that the light in the bathroom is nickel and the accessories. Now what? had to be done! Painted it!
(Sorry I don't have a before...I was on a misson)

Accessories needed to be painted too!

I also painted the knobs on the vanity. I couldn't get a clear picture, but they look great. $4.98 now has lead to the following TO DO projects:
1. Paint knobs on all kitchen cabinets
2. New faucet in powder room
3. Remove wallpaper off ceiling in powder room.
(Dad...I was hard is it to hang a tin ceiling?)
4. New door knobs for front door, side door, garage door and back door
(I don't think the paint will hold up to keys)
5. After looking at the doors to outside, decided we need new outside lighting
(of course this TO DO list is on top of an already long TO DO list)

Why is that? One little project always leads to the next? Oh well, that is what I love about making change. It always helps you find something else that is new and exciting. I am sitting here looking at the door knobs and smiling!

Friday I shared a picture of the oil / vegetable bottles that Tony brought home.
I found a home for them (for today)!

Hope you are having fun living in the domino affect!!


Natasha said...

You said you were on a mission and you completed the mission to perfection-you certainly did an amazing job! I can't quite believe the difference that a little bit of paint makes. I know how you feel too about how one job leads to another then another and so on!
You sound like you are going to be busy for a while-hope you keep posting lots of pictures of your transformations.
Best wishes, Natasha.
PS Your new bottles look so cute in their new home.

Beth said...

Do you think I could spray paint those cheap "brass" fixtures that are in my bathroom? Would the paint stick? I love it all, Wendy!

Wendy said...

Yes absolutely!! They have the paint at walmart! Let me know how they turn out! Call if you need help.

Anonymous said...

Those look great and I am very familiar with the domino affect....LOL!! It's wonderful to meet you.


linda said...

Just stopping by via Southern Inspiration and thought I'd leave a comment, hope you don't mind.

I'm thrilled to see that the paint stuck to the door knobs as I've been wanting to give this a try also. We had some painting done recently and instead of replacing the hinges, they just painted them and they turned out great. I was wanting to replace the door knobs too but now I think painting them would be just as good. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

It looks like you have a fun, family oriented blog like I do. I'll plan on stopping back by soon. Please feel free to stop by mine anytime. Making new blogging buddies is always fun!

Take care and have a great day!

Janean said...

i tried this about 12 years ago and didn't know how long it would stay on the knobs (i was too lazy to sand first). it's there for good!!! great before and afters.

kimmcl said...

Oh yes, you are a true blogger now. Spray paint is kinda the initiation phase! LOL!!! There will be no stopping you now. Kim

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