Friday, November 13, 2009

Crock Pot Vegetable Curry Recipe

I know...these have nothing to do with the recipe!! Tony brought them home today for the kitchen! I have to figure out where to put them....that will be so much fun! They are just so cool.  I love the shapes of the bottles. (I promise the recipe is listed below)

Last week I posted....What's for Dinner? and asked you "What would you like Tony to make for dinner?  NannyKim requested a Vegan dinner that would also be gluten free. It was a great mom also has a gluten allergy!  At Tony's work they actually have utensils, pots and pans that are keep seperate from the other cooking utensils. These are green and are specifically for preparation of the vegan meals.  Those utensils never touch any animal or dairy product!!

Vegatable Curry:

3 Potatoes, chopped
1 Broccoli head, chopped
1 1/2 cups mixed vegetables
3 Tomatoes, chopped
3/4 tsp turmeric
1/2 tsp chili powder
1 1/2 tsp cumin
1 tsp curry
1 Cup water

Place all ingredients in a crock pot or slow cooker. Cook on low for 5 to 6 hours.
Serve over rice.
Makes 6 servings

The kids like this meal...which in our home is a big test!

We didn't make this next recipe, but sounded good and Tony thought that you might like to try it. Tony has cooked it at work and it is always a big hit!

Cajun Spiced Grilled Portobella Mushrooms
3 tbsp paprika
2 tbsp onion powder
2 tbsp garlic powder
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
1 tsp cayenne pepper
2 tsp oregano
2 tsp thyme
1/4 cup olive oil
4 large portobella mushrooms

In a dish, mix together all ingredients except olive oil and mushrooms.
Lightly brush both sides of the mushrooms with oil, then dip in the spice mixture until both sides are coated.
Place mushrooms on the BBQ and grill on each side until done.

I (or Tony) couldn't forget dessert....

Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese very favorite.  No, Tony didn't bake this.  He got is from a great bakery, that makes the best cakes!!

Gotta go...this piece is calling my name!! Have a great evening!

Next Week: I asked Tony to make us grilled flank steak with gorgonzola cheese! (It's the best)

I am linking to all the other great recipes at Foodie Friday....go check it out!!


Cass @ That Old House said...

Oooo... flank steak with gorgonzola cheese? Holy smokes. I will be right here next week, waiting!

The vegetable curry is really intriguing. We are eating more and more veggies, less meat -- I think we'll give this a try. If your kids liked it, that's a pretty strong endorsement!

nannykim said...

Oh thanks I will try these!! I especially love the fact that the first one is a crockpot dish!! hmmmm, I might try it this weekend! I think I might try the mushrooms one when I am up visiting my son in Seattle in a week! Thanks again!!!

nannykim said...

actually I had most of the ingredients for the crock pot--(Had to use frozen broc combo) but it is in the crock and smells good and I am sure I will like it because I love curry dishes (my hubby doesn't--so he will get something else) --my son loves curry dishes too!

Wendy said...

I hope you like it! All of a sudden I got nervous!! Tony did say this morning that coconut milk would be good in it too, because curry and coconut compliment each other. (I didn't know this) I know you are trying to decrease the amount of meat you eat, but he did say chicken would be good in it too. Hope you like it.

nannykim said...

We loved this!!! IT was wonderful and even my hubby liked it!!! It almost tasted like there was meat in it.....I even like it without the rice. But we did eat it with rice.Yes it would be good with coconut milk but it is leaner this way as far as fat goes and the taste was great. I do sometimes use the coconut milk in my curry stuff. Oh--and it would be really good with mango chutney. I added some extra veggies since I like lots so I could have increased the spices a bit.

I was wondering if I could post this on my recipe blog (I would also give a link to your blog) --let me know.

Wendy said...

I am so glad you like it!! Yes, mango chutney would be a great addition! I would love for you to post the recipe on your blog & I feel honored! It's been fun chatting with you! have a great weekend.

(I also left a comment on your blog)

nannykim said...

ok, I just posted it here ;-) thanks:

nannykim said...

Just wanted to let you know we had this on New Year's Day and added some chicken since we had guests. We served 11 (I doubled the recipe). Everyone loved it! I served it with mango chutney.

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