Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Time

This is usually not the way my dinning room table looks. I tend to be a neat freak (ask my kids or my friends)! I just finished my first college class towards my BSN (yeah)! I spent my evening at this table until Midnight studying! Now that the class is over it is time to clean this up!

Starting to look better! These are two of my favorite Southern Living items and 2 great Walmart finds!

The charger on top of the pedestal for the pumpkin.

The white pumpkin by itself didn't look right, so I added an orange berry wreath.

Pumpkin in the middle and we are done!! My table looks so much better and minus the dust!

These are my favorite little guys! I am not a big fan of bats, but they were so cute I had to find a home for them!

The girls and I were at the thrift shop and found this cute tray. I think we'll paint it white and find a new home for it! We also found a desk with a hutch for Maddie! I will post pictures as soon as we finish painting.


Kristin said...

This centerpiece is very nice, but what caught my eye is what a beautiful family you have! Just beautiful!
Thank you for visiting my blog.

Deb said...

Confirmed: You're a neat freak! In the very best way, of course, even though it gives me a complex.

I love your home, and I'm glad you've found an opportunity to share your decorating style and ideas. Wish I had your talent, but it appears I'll have to stick with snarky blogging.

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