Saturday, October 31, 2009

Few of My Favorite Things

I thought I would share some of my favorite things in my house.
I like to keep my decorating simple. I also like be able to change things around, so chances are that it may be in a different spot or a different color tomorrow. Enjoy...

This is inside our foyer going into the kitchen. The plates are a favorite, because they have all the colors I like to decorate with.

I bought the bench on sale for $40.00. I just had to put it together and paint it black. The needle point pillow was a $5.00 find at the thrift shop!

I "stole" this idea from a good friend. This is the door to our basement. Adding the french door lets light downstairs and made it feel like part of our living space. (Thanks Stephanie)

I am always on the quest for a good picture for our Christmas card. This year at the beach we hit the jack pot with good pictures. I framed them and hung them on the wall going up the steps. They make me smile every time I go upstairs.

These mirrors were a Sunday find...for FREE. The kids and I spotted them one day on the way to preschool. Yep...had to stop and load them in the mini van (spiders and dirt included). The kids still talk about this today! Added a mirror and some paint and two beautiful mirrors.

I hung the second mirror over the fire place.

I bought these for watercolor notecards at an art show this summer for $7.00. I framed them in dollar general frames and hung as a grouping in the office.

Here is a closer look.

This sweet angel hangs in our master bath. She started out in a gold frame, which was beautiful. After awhile I decided to change the frame color to black, which was also beautiful. Now the frame is white with a little black peaking throught. I think I'll keep her this way for awhile.

I had to end with my favorite three!


jenjen said...

So pretty! I love your home. What a good idea to add a french door to the basement. We ended up taking our door off and arching the doorway to make it flow. But I love that french door idea. So clever!

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I would love to hear more about your idea on mod podge and burlap - two of my favorite things!


Kansas Amy said...

You have a beautiful home. You have a great sense of taste and style!

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