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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A new collection...

What do you collect? This was a question asked of Tony and I when we toured an antique dealer's home. We found ourselves having a difficult time answering this question. He noticed our hesitation and proceed to tell us everyone collects something....most of the time we do not realize we are collecting. He said it is the item you see in the store and you tell yourself you don't need another _______!  As soon as he shared this advice, we started to think of items we collect.

Which leads me to my newest obsession collection. When I was little, I remember my mom always working on a needlepoint project. I have completed some small needlepoint projects, but nothing large scale. Lately I have been noticing them at thrift stores. When I see them it evokes sadness and I feel a need to rescue them. Someone spent a lot of time to complete this beautiful work of art.....and my collection began.

Here are some of my recent finds.....

The flower needlepoint picture in the center was found at the thrift store for $5.00.

Can you believe this large needlepoint was only $18.00 at my favorite
antique store!

The small cross-stitch flower print was $4.00 at the thrift store
and the cross-stitch ballet picture my mom made me when I was in ballet.

My goal is to continue with needlepoint pictures up the wall....
(new paint will be added to the walls this weekend....hopefully)

This is my newest find...$6.00 from my favorite antique store!

A cross-stitch I made for our first house....

There is my newest collection!
It is so much fun to hunt for these
treasures when thrift shopping!

How about you...what do you love to collect?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Porch Sale...

Do you remember last year when we attended the porch sale in an adorable cottage community where my brother lives? Well, it was that time again! Before I share my treasures come and stroll the streets with us....

A place where the street signs are marked on the trees....
and no cars are allowed!
There is something peaceful about walking along
 shade filled streets...

Last year I shared pictures of the cottages,
this year I though you might like to see some
of the community buildings...

The Library...

The Community Center...

The Gift Shop...

The ice cream parlor...
appropriately named....
The Jigger Shop

If you don't feel like cooking you can enjoy breakfast here...
(a great place to purchase local paintings)

And of course pizza here...

Shall we get back to the porch sales...

Today was a good day...
found a $5.00 chair to relax in by the pond...

Creamer and sugar bowl...
with a set of 4 cups and saucers for $5.00...
this cup is sitting on my syllabus for my current class!
This little tea cup helped to relieve some
stress and anxiety this morning!

The chalkboard fell the other day and broke...
I found this picture and frame for $5.00.
Planning to paint the frame white and the
cover the picture with chalk board paint.
For now I am kind of enjoying the picture!
(It is a strange picture,
we've been making up stories about it)
Seems like $5.00 was the price of the day!
Hope you had fun this weekend and found
some treasures in your day!!

Come and join me over at Southern Hospitality for more
fun thrifty treasures!

Monday, January 17, 2011

What to collect....

Tony and I had the pleasure to tour a local historic home this weekend. While touring this home, the owner asked us what we collected? We found ourselves in silence and couldn't seem to think of a collection. We don't think kids toys, Wii games or dog toys they? How about the collection of snow shoes and winter coats laying in a pile at the back door? Nope, don't think that counts either! Although, after touring his home we were both inspired to start collecting something...but what?

Maybe antique curling irons? ( hair hurts just looking at them!)

Antique keys....


Cast iron toy stoves....

Tin cookie cutters....

Flour sifters....

Antique fans....

Spoons, jugs, glass jars....

Wooden boxes....

Antique leather shoes....

Glass jars...

Wooden signs....

After the tour we went to a local antique mall and tried to see what might fit our home and style.  We didn't find anything yet, but still thinking and looking.  I do love a good treasure hunt! How about you?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

What is it?

We are still going through the photo's from yesterday, but thought you might like a guess at what this gadget might be used for....

My mom knew right away....
and I am thankful that technology has progressed
and I don't need to use one of these every morning!

What do you think??

Monday, November 22, 2010

Love me some insulators....

The other day at the Olde Factory I stumbled upon these insulators...

I love insulators...

Love how they are heavy duty and beautiful all in one...

Love giving them a new life....

Isn't it fun finding something old and making it feel new....

Treasure hunting in the 21st Century is so much fun....
would you agree?

P.S.(We finished the Den...waiting to share next week at Kim's Boring to Better Party)

Monday, July 12, 2010

You girls Rock...

Last week I asked for help with selling on Craig's list and you girls came to my rescue! I followed everything you told me and we sold the dresser and dining room furniture in 3 days! Amazing! Last night after they left with the dining room set and we walked back into the house, Tony looked at me and said "This is fun, what else can we sell!"

Here are the directions I followed as advised by you:

1. Have a catchy title.
2. Detailed description of item and include measurements
3. Cash only
4. Good Price/obo (or best offer)
5. Take good pictures (not from your phone)
6. They must pick up.
7. Don't give your number, have them email their phone number to you and you call them.
8. I had Tony call them back. He called on his cell phone and called as a private number.
9. Don't give your email in the ad, have them email you through Craig's list.
10. Don't let them come to the house when you are home alone (Tony was always home and if he couldn't I was going to ask my dad to be here)

Thank you to all these great girls! I never would have thought that the furniture would have sold so fast.
You Rock!!
Shelley at
Sherry at
Dee Dee at
Pattie at
Sandy at
Linda at
Sarah at
Linda at
Debbie at
Wendy at
Donna at
Donna at
Alison at
Shellagh at
Mary at

Next, I need your help with which coffee table to keep. After I take some pictures I'll share and get your opinion! Then I'll be off to Craig's list again. This could be a new addiction!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Here's your (my) sign.....

Tonight the girls had dance. When I came in the door
Tony had a glass of red wine waiting for me. I look that stressed?

Selling and moving can do that to a girl!

At the Olde Factory the other day I was drawn to
some signs that were for sale.
Then I thought you might enjoy them too!

I took the pictures with my phone, sorry for the poor quality.
I love that Garden sign!
Wouldn't it be great to need a sign to tell you where the boats are?

Of course as I am going through the pictures,
I am thinking "Why didn't I buy this sign?"
Going to look for it this weekend,
but you know it will be gone.

This reminds me of the beach,
we love the beach!

This one needs to go to my good friend, Kris!
Oh my gosh do you see that awesome suitcase?
Missed that!
Now you know I was put on a spending freeze until we get to
the new house....what do you think...I think I can sneak it by.
Don't you?

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